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Zoom level in embedded Google maps

Μαρ 28, 2012 | Featured, Internet, Tutorials | 0 Σχόλια

Looking for a way to control the level of zoom of an embedded Google map? There are two ways to do this. You can modify the code yourself or let Google do that for you.

1. Modify the code

When you create a map, Google gives you an embedding code that looks like the one below.

All you have to do in order you adjust the zoom level of the map is to add z=1& before output=embed. 

The new modified code is:

If you want to change the zoom level just change the number in z=1& and use 2, 3, 4 etc.. until you achieve the zoom level you need.

2. Do it through Google maps

The second way is easier if you don’t want to mess with the code. When making the map press the link button, on the top left corner and the click on Customize and preview embedded map (view image below). This will open a new window containing the map you made. Anything you change there (e.g. zoom level) will automatically modify the code which you can then copy and paste to embed it in your website.