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The Aegean Cat, as she is the only native Greek cat breed is considered part of Greece’s national treasure and also known as one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds that have become adapted very well to humans.

Aegean Cat


  • Their coat is bicolor or tricolor and one of the colors is always white.  Other colors can be black, red, blue, cream, with or without tabby striping.
  • Semi-longhaired
  • Medium sized body
  • Medium sized and round shaped paws
  • Muscular
  • Almond shaped eyes in any shade of green
  • Friendly with humans
  • Very robust in terms of health and free from most feline genetic diseases
  • Communicative
  • Active

P.S. “A few days ago we found a young (aroung 3 months old) aegean cat lost in the woods and we (my husband and I) decided to keep it. I’ll soon upload a picture or two :)”