Thema Texnis

Overview: Thema Texnis is actually one of my brainchildren, since I was trying to find a way to combine my love for commerce and handmade bookmarks.


  • Dual Product Focus: Balancing the presentation of two distinct product categories – jewelry and bookmarks – while maintaining a cohesive brand identity presented a creative challenge.
  • E-commerce Excellence: Implementing a robust e-commerce platform that seamlessly integrates secure payment processing, inventory management, and order fulfillment was paramount to delivering a streamlined shopping experience..


  • Unified Brand Identity: I established a cohesive brand identity that harmonizes the diverse product offerings under the Thema Texnis umbrella.
  • Intuitive User Experience: Through intuitive navigation and user-friendly design, I optimized the browsing experience, allowing customers to effortlessly explore the curated collections and discover their next cherished piece.
  • Secure E-commerce Integration: I implemented a secure and seamless online shopping experience, ensuring the safety of customer transactions and enhancing trust and confidence.


  • Elevated Engagement: The intuitive design and immersive storytelling captivated customers, leading to increased engagement and longer browsing sessions.
  • Enhanced Conversion: The seamless e-commerce integration and user-friendly checkout process contributed to higher conversion rates, driving sales and revenue growth.
  • Expanded Reach: Through targeted marketing strategies and social media engagement, Thema Texnis attracted a bigger audience.

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