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Nikko Challenger RC 1:18

Νοέ 23, 2009 | Everyday life | 0 Σχόλια

Off – Road truck’n

Just got a new toy and went outside to try it out! 😛


I don’t usually (like never) play with RC cars but it’s actually fun to drive one.. hehe It would be better though if it was faster.

As you can see I’ve painted its wheels a bit.. Used to be silver but now they’re pink! Yeah! hehe

It’s not the most powerful RC game but as you can see in the videos below, it did quite well! Me and my fiancé placed (or tried to place) a camera on top of the car but the outcome’s a bit bumpy. We had no tape with us so we had to tie it on the car with some string. oh well..

(ok ok.. I did push it with my foot once or twice during the video..)

It’s a 1:18 scaled Mitsubishi Pajero.
Has a 2 channel full function.
5.0 Km/h actual speed and 91 Km/h scale speed.
And also has 3 frequencies so you and 2 of your friends can “drive” your cars at the same time 🙂