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Don’t Starve – An amazing survival game

Φεβ 21, 2013 | Featured, Games | 0 Σχόλια

I recently discovered this amazing survival PC game named Don’t Starve, by Klei Entertainment, with great artwork and really fun and entertaining gameplay. Be careful though.. It’s quite addicting.


In this game you play as Wilson a gentleman and a scientist who’s trapped to a mysterious world by a demon. Your goal is to explore this new environment, stay alive the longest you can and of course help Wilson find a way back home.

You’ll meet strange animals, pig-men, monsters from other dimensions and you’ll have the chance to discover recipes to create tools to make your survival easier.

You start the game with no help at all, nor any instructions and you have to find out yourself what you should do. The only thing you should know is that you must stay alive because if you die you have to start from the beginning.

While playing, you will discover new things to create, that will help you survive and even resurrect yourself if and when Wilson dies. (If you need help visit this wiki page)

You could try “Don’t Starve”, by installing it through Chrome Web Store. You will get 17 minute of playtime which resets everytime you play. So you’ll always have 17 mins to try the game. You could also purchase the game by visiting this page.

Please check Klei Entertainment’s other games by visiting their official website. They really make brilliant games with amazing artwork.