Hello! I’m Maria Papandreou, a freelance web designer with more than 17 years of professional experience in the web design and web marketing field.

A website, if made right, is an essential tool for any business. That’s why I’ve been helping my clients by organizing, designing and marketing their online presence. Your business is unique and the same should apply for your website.

Lets work together in creating a business website that your customers will love and your competitors will envy.




Stand out in the digital world and elevate your online presence with a blend of creativity and technical expertise.


Website Support & Care

Regular updates, bug fixes, and security checks ensure your website remains reliable for potential clients, enhancing your credibility and fostering trust in your services.


WEBSITE Optimization

Implementing effective website strategies can increase traffic, improve search engine visibility, and attract more clients and visitors.









In addition to my work as a freelancer I’m also the owner of DS Creative, a web design studio, which represents the philosophy of a small business with big ideas. Me and my partners focus on helping businesses enhance their online profile and communicate effectively with their audience.

Furthermore, as I continued exploring avenues to express my creativity, I started an online store through which I offer handmade bookmarks, driven by my passion for reading.

You are in good hands

Read a few comments some of my clients made for my services.
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"We are completely satisfied with her consistency, elegance and technical knowledge."

Antonis Skourtopoulos

"Maria has been a valuable part of the Caylor Solutions team for several years. Her work ethic, dedication, and team approach has made her an asset to our process and our clients. "

Bart E. Caylor

"High professionalism, with patience and ability to solve any issue. Highly recommended! "

Apostolos Adamakis

Questions you may have.

If you have more questions about my services just send me an email and I’ll get back to you.

But I’m not in Greece. Can you work for clients from anywhere in the world?

Thanks to the internet, I can work seamlessly with clients from all over the world as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop!

We can communicate via email, and schedule meetings through Google Meet, Skype etc. The project managment system I use is mostly Trello.

I will always reply to your emails within 24 hrs during business days.

I work Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Time in Greece

So, how do you work with clients?

To start working on your new project I firstly need a complete description of what you have in mind (project specification), sent to me via email, so that we both have a record of our discussion. After you send me the projects specs then I will be able to tell you precisely how much it is going to cost.

For any project and prior to my getting started, I ask for a deposit of 40% of the estimated cost. Depending on the project I usually charge by the hour but for bigger websites I will give you a fixed price.

The fees for my services can be paid using a bank wire and if that’s not possible then we could use PayPal.

For the management of each project I use Trello which is very easy to use and helps keep track of the milestones of the project.

My preferred form of communication is email.

Maria, what do you need for my new website?

The first thing that I’m going to need is a list of the features you want your website to have (or not have).

Next you’ll have to send me the content of the website. That is the text I’m going to add, images you own and want on your website (logo, product images etc.)

We also have to take care of the web hosting and the domain name of the website. I offer web hosting packages with cPanel, but you could also use a hosting company of your choice.

Depending on the project I may need more sources from you.